IHMT issues

IHMT issue 7
IHMT issue 7 - PDF download

Down to the wire

Investigating cross-border payments to hospitals

Destination spotlight


The future’s marvellous medicine

Innovative methods for managing chronic disease

The Brexit effect

How medical travel might form part of an alternative economy after Brexit

Industry voice

Laszlo Puczko, Director of industry intelligence, Resources for Leisure Assets

IHMT issue 6
IHMT issue 6 - PDF download

Hotels for health

Deal to drive wellness tourism in Dubai

Gamma knife for SA

South Africa welcomes cutting-edge brain tumour tech

IPMI changes

Now Health International restructures

Donating dental skills

Take the Garita Challenge

Interview: Dr Claudia Mika

Founder and CEO of Temos International

IHMT issue 5 - PDF download
IHMT issue 5 - PDF download

Caribbean, outbound

Bermudians travelling overseas for medical care

Hilton opens wellness resort

Attracting travellers to the Dead Sea

Dental tourism market gets its teeth into Europe

Growth predicted at 6.1 per cent

Ukraine welcomes medical tourists

‘number one for medical schools and medical tourism’

Interview: Eve Jokel

International Patient Services Director, Luz Saúde

IHMT issue 4 - PDF download
IHMT issue 4 - PDF download

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Less pain, same gain?

Israel’s proposed medical tourism legislation

What does this mean for Israeli patients?


Maria Maldonado, CEO, Trip4Care

Prevention is better than cure

Dubai’s growing popularity as a destination for preventative healthcare

Also in this issue:

MTQUA’s three New Year wishes for medical tourism

IHMT issue 3 - PDF download
IHMT issue 3 - PDF download

ITIC Berlin sessions

Conference report

Fact or Fiction

Is the Canadian healthcare system flawed?

Double-time dental

Can multi-stage treatments be performed in one trip?

The beautiful island

Medical tourism in Taiwan

Bad debt

The financial risk of international patients

Marijuana-infused wellness tourism

The growth of the ganjapreneurs

ITIJ Medical Provider of the Year 2016

Jackson Health System honoured