From 6-9 November 2017, IHMT will be making its debut appearance at the International Travel & Health Insurance Conference (ITIC) at the W hotel in Barcelona, Spain. Each year, ITIC Global attracts hundreds of delegates from around the world who are in the business of providing international travel and health insurance solutions, as well as a vast array of global suppliers to this industry.

IHMT will be sponsoring several speaker and panel sessions throughout the course of the conference that will be dedicated to helping the international insurance community learn more about the opportunities inherent in the medical travel industry. The sessions will focus on international promotion of medical services, how hospitals can attract more international patients, accreditation of medical facilities, and the development of international health insurance policies designed to enable cross-border medical care.

Those attending ITIC Global include representatives from travel and health insurance companies, assistance providers, air ambulance operators and medical facility groups. This conference offers those involved in the medical travel community a unique opportunity to showcase their business to this specialist group of industry representatives, and for the international travel health insurance community to gain insights into the opportunities that about in the medical travel arena.

For more information about the event, sponsorship opportunities and accommodation information, please visit https://www.itic.co/conference/global