Better connecting patients and providers

Yorktel, a provider of video cloud and managed services for large enterprise, government and healthcare customers, has unveiled a new addition to its enterprise video services platform, built specifically for healthcare.

The product, Univago Healthcare Edition (Univago HE), is a fully managed subscription-based service that comprises everything needed to connect patients with remote clinicians, healthcare experts and family members by video. It includes comprehensive monitoring, hardware, software and licences, intelligent analytics and clear reporting for healthcare providers.

“Univago HE represents an important breakthrough in the challenge to make telemedicine a routine component of the provider workflow,” commented Victor Camlek, principal analyst for transformational health at Frost & Sullivan. “It creates the foundation to build out a growing array of telemedicine services that will serve the needs of providers to improve the outcomes for patients regardless of the current staffing levels and in-house capabilities.”

Peter McLain, Yorktel SVP of Healthcare, said that the demands for telemedicine are growing, but the industry has not delivered at the rate expected a few years ago. “Clinician adoption and widespread utilisation are held back by video conference room technology that is neither stable nor reliable enough for the clinical setting,” he stated. “The video technology at the core of telemedicine needs to just work 24/7, 365 days a year; it should fade into the background as clinicians focus on delivering patient care.”

The company said that it plans to release future iterations of Univago HE extending beyond the confines of hospital walls to support applications for long-term and home healthcare.