Meeting surrogacy demands

California, US-based surrogacy and egg donor agency Extraordinary Conceptions has announced that it will be going global with the opening of a new international headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

Executive team members said that the move will help meet the need for the growing demand for surrogacy in the European region.

“We want to let our intended parents know how important it is for our agency to provide them with the education and information they need about surrogacy in the US,” said Mario Caballero, CEO of Extraordinary Conceptions. “We want to be an agency that Europe can trust and help mitigate any doubts they may have during the early stages of the process and inquiries. And all our consultations are free of charge.”

Maite Arboles will lead the operations as surrogacy consultant in Spain. She and her husband are from Barcelona and have a special connection with Extraordinary Conceptions: diagnosed with uterine cancer at 20 years of age and unable to carry her own children following her surgeries and treatment, Arboles and her husband decided on surrogacy to build their family. They chose Extraordinary Conceptions to help them find a surrogate in the US to carry and deliver their twin boys a couple of years ago.

“The experience was incredible, and Extraordinary Conceptions helped us with the legal advice, the drafting of our contracts and finding our surrogate, and were beside us during this amazing experience,” Arboles said. “Due to the incredible experience I had, I decided to pursue this journey as a co-ordinator, and I am eager to help other Spanish couples with their long-time dream of becoming parents.”